Strength and depth

It is no accident that Coller Capital’s team is large and drawn from a wide range of nationalities and investment backgrounds. Investors in private equity are based in many countries, and come in many shapes and sizes.

People's reasons for selling in the secondaries market are diverse, and becoming more so.

Coller Capital’s aim today is what it has always been: to tailor all the transactions we do to the needs of individual sellers. Our large, multinational team – the world's largest team dedicated to secondaries – is critical to that approach.

We understand that how something is done is often as important as what is done.

Local knowledge

Tax, accounting and regulatory considerations are vital to take into account at both the local and the international levels – but they tell only part of the story. Just as important are considerations specific to individual investors: the alignment of disparate interests; commercial deadlines; issues of reputation or confidentiality; the sensitivities of shareholders; questions of size, or complexity, or asset mix... the list goes on.

The issues important to a US pension fund are very different to those faced by a European bank or by a Japanese corporation. Our people understand this. And, because they are often natives of the countries in which they operate, they also understand how these issues can vary between a country’s pension funds, or banks, or corporations.

The Coller Capital team has an enormous depth of experience and a reputation for innovative thinking, but it is our focus on each seller’s specific needs and priorities that lies at the heart of everything we do.