19 November 2019

Coller Capital has recently achieved climate neutral status

Coller Capital recently achieved climate neutral status as a firm, following comprehensive consultation and certification by SouthPole. We have offset 3,333 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by investing in a climate protection project which supports regeneration of the Cerrado Savannah in Brazil (the equivalent of planting 55,000 trees). This project is considered to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN.


Coller Capital leads $829 Million GP-led secondary transaction for Permira IV

Coller Capital is leading a GP-led secondary transaction for the remaining assets of Permira IV.
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Covid -19

The safety of our staff, investors, and industry colleagues is our foremost priority.

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Private equity performance in a downturn

Watch Louise Boothby and Dolapo Awoyinka, discuss private equity’s performance in an economic...

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