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The Coller Research Institute produces, sponsors and disseminates high quality research into all aspects of private equity.

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"Coller’s success in the PE secondaries market is also a tribute to the strength of their research." 

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Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer

Coller Capital’s Global Private Equity Barometer is a unique snapshot of worldwide trends in private equity – a twice-yearly overview of the plans and opinions of institutional investors in private equity based in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific including the Middle East. The Barometer – private equity’s first regular gauge of investor sentiment – has been published every six months since 2004

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ESG Report

Since 2011, when we developed our original ESG policy and established our ESG committee, we have made steady progress in implementing an ESG framework. We supplement this framework with our report on the ESG policies and practices of the GPs managing our funds' assets.


Established by Coller, the Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) Initiative believes that a worrying knowledge gap has emerged among investors about the investment risks connected with factory farming.

Through our research, we aim to educate the capital markets, providing information and tools to our global network of institutional investors on both the ESG risks of factory farming and the opportunities in alternative means of food production.

Private Equity Findings

Private Equity Findings, a publication of the Coller Research Institute, is produced in collaboration with Professor Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School.

It provides a forum for debating the world’s best academic research into private equity, for challenging conventional wisdom on the asset class, and for sharing insights from the general partners and limited partners who, together, constitute the cutting edge of the industry.

The Private Capital Secondary Market

Our whitepaper provides an overview of the secondary market’s theoretical framework, key dynamics, and recent developments.

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Coller Venture Review

The Coller Venture Review, issued by the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University, is aimed at institutional investors and limited partners, venture capitalists, public policymakers, and scholars in related fields.


Winter Barometer 2022-23

Iyobosa Adeghe and Daisy Huan present the key findings of our LP survey which captures worldwide trends in private equity.

Summer Barometer 2022

Lauren Din and Mike Acri present the key findings of our LP survey which captures worldwide trends in private equity.

Winter Barometer 2021-22

Coller Capital Principals Katrina Liao and Lisa Sun present the key findings of our LP survey which captures worldwide trends in private equity.

Summer Barometer 2021

Amyn Hassanally and Martins Marnauza present the key findings of our LP survey which looks at key trends and themes that continue to shape the industry

Winter Barometer 2020-21

Louise Boothby and Ed Goldstein present findings from the Winter 2020/21 global Barometer

The Private Equity Secondaries Market

Francois Aguerre, Partner and Head of Origination, and Hani el Khoury, Partner, discuss the results of Coller Capital’s Global Private Equity Barometer, Winter 2020-21

LP/GP communications

Stephen Ziff, Partner and Co-head of Investor Relations and Fundraising, and Katrina Liao, Principal, look at the responses from Coller Capital’s Global Private Equity Barometer, Winter 2020-21

Private equity investment opportunities and risk

Martins Marnauza, Partner at Coller Capital, and Lisa Sun, Principal, discuss the results of Coller Capital’s Global Private Equity Barometer, Winter 2020-21

Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer Webinar Summer 2020

Stephen Ziff and Paul Lanna share the findings from the Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer Summer 2020

Winter Barometer 2019-20

Louise Boothby, Partner and Dolapo Awoyinka, Principal on the Investment team discuss how investors view private equity’s performance in an economic downturn.

Winter Barometer 2019-20

Gregor von Deuten and Andrew Ward in conversation about commitments and challenges for private debt funds and how investors have shown a strong appetite for these types of funds in the on-going search for yield in a low interest rate environment.

Winter Barometer 2019-20

Adam Black, Head of ESG and Iyobosa Adeghe, Principal Investment team, discuss how Private equity investors are responding to climate change and comment on findings from our latest global Barometer.

Winter Barometer 2019-20

Katrina Liao, Principal investment team, shares findings from our latest Barometer about the Emerging private equity markets

30th Barometer Summer 2019

In this video, Louise Boothby speaks about initiatives underway to improve investors' and managers' internal ESG performance.

30th Barometer Summer 2019

Jon Freeman, Martins Marnauza and Mark Hindriks in a conversation marking the 30th anniversary of Coller's Global Private Equity Barometer as they discuss how the private equity market has evolved over the past 15 years.

Winter Barometer 2018-19

Katrina Liao and Will Yea discuss emerging private equity markets.

Winter Barometer 2018-19

Louise Boothby and Mark Hindriks discuss private equity and venture capital allocations and investment selection.

Winter Barometer 2018-19

How will trade disputes and Brexit impact private equity? Francois Aguerre talks about investors’ views as reported in our latest Barometer and discusses the performance of private equity through the economic cycle.

Summer Barometer 2018

David and Hani discuss the impact of performance-related pay and institutions’ internal operations on private equity returns.

Summer Barometer 2018

Martins Marnauza and Martin Fleischer discuss innovative strategies in private equity

Summer Barometer 2018

Gerald and Yonatan discuss private equity fund selection and investors’ strategies for making fund commitments.

Summer Barometer 2018

Adam Black talks about the importance of ESG in private equity.

Winter Barometer 2017/18

Paige Brotherton and David Platter discuss trends in private equity commitments and returns

Winter Barometer 2017/18

Lisa Sun and Zhan Yang discuss the outlook for private equity in China

Winter Barometer 2017/18

Francois Aguerre and Eric Foran discuss the changing dynamics in private equity and venture capital in Europe

Barometer Summer 2017

Remco Haaxman and Louise Boothby discuss how investors view the global and regional outlook for private equity.

Barometer Summer 2017

Michael Schad and David Jolly discuss the factors investors see as significant risks to private equity returns.

Barometer Summer 2017

Stephen Ziff examines how investors’ private equity returns could be improved by changes to their structure and processes.

Barometer Summer 2017

Francois Aguerre talks about how investors view private equity investment opportunities in credit, platform deals and energy.