Dedicated to secondaries

Coller Capital is dedicated purely to raising and investing secondaries funds – making us unique among the largest secondaries firms.  Coller focuses on investing a single fund at a time, which we believe reduces the potential for conflicts and avoids distractions.

We believe Coller Capital’s specialisation in secondaries and ‘single fund’ focus reduces the potential for conflicts and avoids distractions

Our Funds

Since the establishment of our business in 1990, we have fully invested seven funds. 

Coller International Partners funds acquire existing investor interests in primary private equity funds, together with portfolios of interests in companies. Sellers of these assets include financial institutions such as banks, pension funds and insurance companies, together with organisations such as corporations, government bodies and family offices.

For more details, please see the sections on Coller Capital's individual funds (Coller International Partners I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIII).



This is not an offer or solicitation of an offer for any Coller International Partners fund.