Coller International Partners III


CIP III (together with its co-investment entities) was capitalised with total commitments of $712 million in 2000. 

The fund was fully invested in 48 positions at the end of 2001. The fund is now completely liquidated. 

CIP III’s largest transaction was the acquisition of the NatWest Equity Partners private equity portfolio from the Royal Bank of Scotland – an investment valued at nearly $1 billion. Coller Capital led the transaction in June 2000.

In 2001, the fund purchased the Bell Labs corporate venture portfolio from Lucent Technologies. This transaction is often credited with kick-starting the market in direct private equity investments (also called directs or synthetic secondaries), which is such a feature of today’s secondary market. (Leleux, van Swaay, Megally, Private Equity 4.0: Reinventing Value Creation, Wiley, 2015)

The foregoing investments are not representative and are limited to those transactions we are able to disclose publicly.  This is not an offer or a solicitation of an offer for any Coller International Partners fund.

Total investor commitments

$712 million