2023 ESG Report by Coller Capital: Key Insights and Policies
30 January 2024 ESG
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Coller Capital’s 2023 ESG Report

This year’s report continues to highlight the important role ESG plays in our industry and provides insights on the development of ESG policies and practices with many of the GPs responsible for managing the underlying assets in our funds.

As the scope of issues around ESG grows, and the business of the secondary industry evolves and becomes more technologically advanced, so too is the need for more thoughtful, forward-thinking innovation in our ESG strategy and practice.

From the perspective of private markets secondaries, we believe we have made a pioneering effort to integrate ESG across the business as part of our strategy of Responsible Investment, Responsible Business and Responsible Leadership, our three Pillars of Responsibility.

We look forward to applying the lessons learned from many years implementing ESG, as we strive to diversify our programme and further develop our product range in the future.

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