15 August 2013

Real Deals votes Jeremy Coller one of the ‘most influential PE people of the century’

Real Deals recently celebrated its 300th edition by compiling a list of the 20 people who have had the greatest impact on the industry since the turn of the millennium.

The publication named Jeremy Coller as the second most influential figure, after awarding Guy Hands its first place, for personifying the highs and lows of the industry in the 21st century.

In Real Deals’ words: “Coller has played an unmatched hand in the evolution of the secondary market – and, in so doing, of the private equity industry as a whole."

Top places in Real Deals’ table went to:

1st Guy Hands

2nd Jeremy Coller

3rd Damon Buffini

4th Michel Barnier and Javier Echarri

6th Sir Ronald Cohen


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