29 March 2018

The outlook for private equity in China

In this video Lisa Sun and Zhan Yang discuss the outlook for private equity in China. The majority of investors now have some kind of private equity exposure to Chinese private equity and Western LPs are gaining confidence in Chinese GPs, according to the Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer.


Improving diversity is a top consideration for both LPs and GPs.

Watch Louise Boothby talk about how LPs and GPs are attempting to improve their ESG performance, as reported in our Barometer.

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Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer Summer 2019

Two thirds of investors will support a GP decision to sell a stake in its management company if it is to facilitate generational change at the business or to strengthen the...

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Coller releases latest Private Equity Findings

Private Equity Findings, a publication of the Coller Research Institute, is produced in collaboration with Professor Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School. 

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