The MBA programme

Lisa Sun

Investment team

What drew you to choose Coller Capital for your MBA internship?

Coller Capital was one of the only secondary private equity firms that had a formal summer internship programme, so I knew if I wanted to gain experience in this industry, I should go with a company that put effort and thought into creating a proper programme. The HR and investment team were also very flexible and accommodating with start dates and other logistics, so it gave me a sense of the collegiate culture I could expect after joining.

Tell us about your experience on the internship programme.

I liked the overall structure of the programme: there was a training process in the beginning, live projects in the middle, and then an investment team presentation towards the end. I also had a dedicated coach/mentor from the investment team, who not only took me through the initial training stages, but was also someone I could go to throughout my internship to ask questions and seek guidance. Finally, there were interim and final reviews which allowed me to get regular feedback on my overall performance.

What advice would you give candidates applying for an internship?

Do proper research on the secondary private equity industry and Coller Capital. Highlight items on your resume that are relevant skill sets and capabilities for Coller and an investment team role.Practice sample finance and private equity interview questions with a classmate or career advisor.Be ready to communicate persuasively and concisely why you are interested in working in secondary private equity and for Coller Capital.