4 November 2013

Jeremy Coller helps pioneer public vs private equity market benchmarking

An article by Jesse Reyes, founder of J-Curve Advisors explores the history of Public Market Equivalents (PME).

Jesse and Jeremy first discussed benchmarking and returns in 1992, beginning the quest to solve the public equity/private equity market comparison conundrum.

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Improving diversity is a top consideration for both LPs and GPs.

Watch Louise Boothby talk about how LPs and GPs are attempting to improve their ESG performance, as reported in our Barometer.

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Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer Summer 2019

Two thirds of investors will support a GP decision to sell a stake in its management company if it is to facilitate generational change at the business or to strengthen the...

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Coller releases latest Private Equity Findings

Private Equity Findings, a publication of the Coller Research Institute, is produced in collaboration with Professor Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School. 

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