Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer

Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer

We are pleased to share our 30th Coller Capital Global Private Equity Barometer and its associated  press release. Coller Capital's Barometer is a unique snapshot of global trends in private equity – a twice-yearly overview of the plans and opinions of Limited Partners worldwide. This edition contains findings on:

  • Returns from, and appetite for, PE and alternative assets
  • Sales of management company interests by GPs
  • LPs’ appetite for new products from their portfolio GPs
  • Attractiveness of additional, ‘non-contractual’ services offered by GPs
  • GP-led secondary transactions
  • LPs’ workload and activities
  • Deal-by-deal carry vs whole-fund carry
  • LPs’ and GPs’ ESG initiatives
  • Views of ILPA and its future direction
  • PE exits to public vs private markets
  • Prospects for venture capital in China compared with the USA
  • Attractiveness of space technology
  • Consolidation and regulation in PE debt markets

In this video, Louise Boothby speaks about initiatives underway to improve investors' and managers' internal ESG performance.

Highlights from the Summer 2019 Barometer

Enhancing team stability/resources are best reasons for ManCo stake sales

Facilitating generational change, and strengthening the resources GPs can bring to bear on the market, are the best reasons for them to sell interests in their management companies to outside investors, LPs say. By contrast, only one -third of LPs believe it is appropriate for GPs to sell management company stakes to launch new products or fund GP commitments.

Appropriate reasons for GPs to sell minority stakes in management companies – LP views

Lack of clarity around the term ‘ESG’ will be increasingly problematic for LPs

The majority of LPs believe that the vagueness of the term ‘ESG’ is creating problems for the investment community or is likely to do so in the future.


Consequences of definitional problems with the term ‘ESG’ – LP views

Improving their employee diversity is a key focus for LPs and GPs alike

Improving their employee diversity is an important priority for LPs and GPs alike. However, there are differences in prioritisation between investors and fund managers in other areas of ESG. Some two-thirds of LPs are introducing more flexible working and family -friendly employment conditions (vs 43% of GPs) – while three quarters of GPs are focused on employees’ ESG training and coaching (vs 43% of LPs).  Just over half of GPs are trying to boost their organisation’s engagement with charity – versus just over a third of LPs.

Areas where LPs and GPs(1) are attempting to improve their internal ESG performance

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30th Barometer Summer 2019

In this video, Louise Boothby speaks about initiatives underway to improve investors' and managers' internal ESG performance.

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