3 April 2023

Coller Capital releases 2022/2023 ESG Report

This year’s report continues to highlight the important role ESG plays in our industry and provides insights on the development of ESG policies and practices across the portfolio GPs responsible for managing the assets in our funds.

At Coller Capital, ESG is an integral part of our investment process and a core pillar of what we stand for as a Firm. Over the past year, we have continued to develop and improve our approach to ESG. Most importantly, we strengthened our internal ESG Function, implemented a new fund carbon accounting tool, and updated our climate scenario analysis for new investments.

In response to a more sophisticated approach to ESG from investors, regulators, and other stakeholders we also undertook further deep dive ESG investigations and strengthened the monitoring of certain larger asset level exposures.  We also began to think about expanding our work on fund biodiversity risk.

As we look to the future, we will continue to prioritise the commitments made to our investors. This means maintaining our disciplined approach to ESG, notably the overarching commitment to integrate ESG into our investment process – and living up to the reputation for innovation that we are known for as a firm.


Watch an introduction to Coller Capital's 2022/2023 ESG Report


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