Learning and development

Aisling O'Loughlin

Tax team

Outline the learning and development opportunities that you have benefitted from?

Since joining Coller in 2013, I have been given the opportunity to improve my professional skills. The firm has provided numerous training courses and conferences, covering everything from soft skills to technical aspects of tax, all of which have been valuable to my development.

I have also received mentoring from colleagues in different departments, which has improved my knowledge of the private equity secondary market. There is a culture of knowledge-sharing within tax team and we all support each other on a day-to-day basis.

The firm is supporting me in my tax technical development by sponsoring me to achieve ATT qualification. Once completed, I will have the opportunity to advance my career even further by studying for the ADIT qualification (the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation). I feel Coller has given me every opportunity to succeed in my career development.


Thinking about yourself on day one and where you are today, how have you developed?

Before joining Coller, I had a lot of financial administration experience but limited experience in tax, and no experience of the secondary market. I joined as a tax team administrator and now, three years later, I have been given the opportunity to progress into the more technical side of tax as a Tax Analyst.

From day one, I have been given the opportunity to grow and shape my role at Coller at a pace that suits me. Today, I am more confident in my role. I am developing my understanding of complex international tax concepts, and I have been given the opportunity to work on different projects, including the FATCA and CRS project. I believe my continued development is due to the culture of my team and the firm.

How would you describe the opportunities to grow in Coller Capital?

Coller Capital lives by its value of ‘One firm; one team’. The firm hires candidates with potential and drive, and provides them with the space and skills to develop. Coller focuses on continued growth. You are encouraged to take ownership of your role, and there is support in place to help you develop. I work with different departments every day and I am constantly learning. This is a unique place to work, and no two days are the same.